The art of Doron Viner brings every mural to life

AboutDoron Viner grew up in New York City where he studied at "La Guardia" schools of the arts. Over the years, using the skills and techniqes he aquired by painting graffiti on walls of the city streets, he created fabulous murals using the airbrush. Soon enough Doron began painting mural all over, stores, furms, companies, hotels chains , Big corporation and theme parks

His most recent achievement is a 4 mile long mural painting of venice landscape, at one of the newest shopping mall some of his clients include Mastercard, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Leonardo club hotels, King City amusment park, Dan panorama hotels, Fattal hotels and many more

Doron Viner is the main Artist of the t.v. show "EXTREME MAKEOVER" where he turns a simple empty room into an astonishing muraled room Doron Viner's unique talent enables him to creat the perfect real life 3 dimentional mural. Forming the ideal setting and atmosphere everywhere